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No matter how big or small, I can help you take your products to the next level through strategic design.
Fostering human connections is what sets me apart.


Your brand extends far beyond mere visual elements like your logo or color palette.

It serves as your primary sales engine and defines your reputation in the global market. 

  • Brand personality

  • Brand creation

  • Logo design

  • Color palette & Typography

  • Graphic elements

  • Illustrations

  • Photography style

  • Custom brand assets

  • Print files

Packaging Design

I provide expert solutions for crafting visually appealing and functional packaging solutions tailored to a client's specific needs, enhancing product presentation and consumer appeal while ensuring practicality and brand coherence.

  • Market investigation

  • Moodboard

  • Storytelling

  • 3 creative concepts

  • Illustration/ Photography/ Typography

  • Mockups

  • Print files

  • Production assistance*

Web Design

Creating visually engaging and fully responsive website built on Wordpress or Wix with 5 main pages.

  • Wireframing

  • Homepage design

  • Responsive Desktop & Mobile

  • 5 main pages

  • Wordpress/Wix

  • tutorial on how to use the backend

  • 6 months maintenance plan

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