Somos Grandes


"Being big is not a matter of size, but of attitude" is the motto of Somos Grandes, an emerging cultural startup meant to create a stronger bond between the artistic scenes of Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

​​​​​​​The main concept of the brand is the growth rings of a tree. Each year, the tree forms new cells, arranged in concentric circles called annual growth rings. Starting from here, it gets simplified into a circle which is the basic element in the construction of 

the logotype for a more simple, modern look.

The word SOMOS is a palindrome, constructed in an almost perfect symmetry together with the word grandes. The whole logotype has the shape of a shield.


Talking about BIG, Somos Grandes has a complex and fluid visual identity, mixing vibrant tree rings, circles, and letter elements together with a strong color palette picked in regards with the Spanish and Latin American flags.​​​​​​​