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Amores Lácteos

Branding & Packaging Design

"Is that ice cream dripping or are you just happy to see me?"🍧💦
The kinkiest ice creams are here, packed in love and seduction. If you are a hopeless romantic or a total swinger, this is for you. Dipped in aphrodisiac, elastic, and cooler than your ex's heart.
From first dates to dominatrix or totally platonic, ice cream is the key to anyone's ❤️. And we all know that it's not easy to pick our favorite flavor but, with Turkish elastic ice cream, you can NEVER go wrong!

Apart from being eye-candy and oh so delicious!, these unique packagings come with a special way of getting what's good out of the box: slide a finger from the bottom of the tube and push the cone out!

Have you got enough drip for it?

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